Winter is coming

Posted by William Hartnett on Saturday, January 18, 2014
Ok so this year I'm REALLY going to re-haul this blog! It's kind of like an ex-girlfriend that you see every few years or so. You reminisce for a while, maybe flirt a bit. Then it gets all hot and heavy for a day or two. Then you don't call the third day. Or the fourth day. Or the second week. Before long you're ducking behind hedges when you see her at the store and seriously debate changing the phone number you've had for 15 years. But then one day, at a part thrown by someone you sort of know, you run into each other again and the past washes away to begin the cycle all over again. This is the point I'm at with the blog. Maybe I just need to change the design a little. Maybe I'll learn some basic WordPress coding. Or not. More likely I'll finally get off my ass and type up all of the writing I've been doing and release it into the wild of cyberwhatever. I sit down and touch a few keys and before long I've got 5,000 rambling words and there are empty beer bottles crowding the thrift shop table beside me as I continue to click on. But then I step back and look at her again and smile. The stories on the right side bring me back to my core. Yes, I will fix you dear blog.

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Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Downton Abbey

Posted by William Hartnett on Sunday, April 07, 2013
For those of you who have long sworn off television I hereby invite you back. The three series listed here are nothing short of the greatest television shows ever made. I know ya got the Netflix so go ahead and do a little binge watching on your next day off. I guarantee you'll be coming back to the box in no time. Oh and Game of Thrones isn't on Netflix so you'll have to, ahem-cough-cough, acquire it another way.

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Money in cans in the backyard

Posted by William Hartnett on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 in
Well it's been almost half a year since my accounts were last taken hostage but that is of course a lifetime on the internets. I've been very careful, as I was before, about where I used the stupid debit card. I have an idea about where my information got hijacked but to say so here on the ole bloggaroni may mean a call from a higher up at a certain purveyor of literature. Suffice to say I will no longer be using a debit card of any kind for any reason.

Well certainly the bank will provide some measure of protection. Oh sure, if it were any reputable bank I may be inclined to agree with you. However, having been victim once, or twice, before of debit card shenanigans I made the wise decision to go with a 'pay card' offered by my employer as a way to, ahem, save costs. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The 'pay card' was not linked to my savings or credit accounts, which was good. If someone did somehow manage to insert some trickery then they would only be able to get....ALL OF MY PAY!

But surely, you say now, looking at me with those pitying eyes, the bank will see the error and make everything all right likely split! Please see above about this not being a real bank. I had to call in and wait for hours to get through, only to be out on hold for even more time. Once I did reach an actual person I gave them all the details (I'm in Rhode Island and the transactions in question were from a friggin Wal Mart in Corpus Christi Texas for chrissakes!), I still needed to have a recorded conversational interview, write a statement outlining everything we just covered in said interview, FAX the damn thing (who faxes anymore? Do you? I don't! ) at a Staples and file an honest to goodness police report! The officers at the station kept saying, " We'll they just put it back in your account right?" To which I say not so fast! Once they receive all of this information (please wait 24hours after submitting to follow up that we've received it), then they will forward it to the fraud investigation unit which will then CALL THE STORE IN QUESTION to see if there is a tape they can review! Keep in mind I'm in Rhode Island and made a charge that evening that shows that much. Then the investigation will proceed and can take from 45-90 DAYS! Oh if they're feeling sorry for you they MAY give you a provisional credit after 10-14 working days. Maybe.

Oh, did I mention that the was another transaction in NY state!?! And that all of the transactions happened within 15 minutes of each other? Yup, I'm Superman and I fly all over the country at lightening speed only to make purchases at WalMart Superstore #0464!

Lesson learned. I'm looking for some Maxwell House cans if ya got any to spare!

Oh and I'm on vacation this week too!

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Posted by William Hartnett on Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Humid pillows drip
Dreams of thunders sweet relief
Etching on the glass

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